Wheels & Machines

These are manufactured in standard and controlled induced porosity from closed to very open bond structures.

Induced porosity reduces grinding forces, allows efficient chip removal and optimizes coolant supply to the grinding zone. This enables the work piece to be free from thermal damage and excessive tensile stress.

Materials that can be ground

  • Hardened steel ranging from 35 to 70 HRC, particularly austenitic high alloy tool steels which have a tendency
    to form carbides in steel matrix.
  • Soft steel specially ID grinding of deep bores.
  • Case hardened steel, cold working steel, hot working steel and high Speed steel
  • Grinding of Super Hard materials - PCD/PCBN
  • Grinding of ceramic, Tungsten Carbide Composite and Glass material.

Applications Of Diamond

  • Tungsten Carbide
  • Glass Material
  • Ceramics
  • PCD/PCBN Lapping

Applications Of CBN

  • Camshaft
  • Gear Teeth
  • Turbine Blades
  • Crankshaft
  • Gear Bore & Face
  • Bearing
  • Gear Shaft
  • Engine Valve
  • Injector Pump Parts

Wendt offers stationary diamond dressing tools with general shapes and dimension which covers following,


  • Single point dressers
  • Profile dressers
  • Multipoint dressers
  • Blade dressers
  • Diamond chisels
  • Mono crystalline dressers
  • Poly Crystalline Diamond dressers

Rotary Diamond Dressers and Form Rolls Wendt offers High Precision Rotary Diamond dressers and Form Rolls to shape grinding wheels at shortest possible time. These dressers are offered profiling the simplest work piece to the most complicated shape with required precision demands.


  • Tool making Industry
  • Crank Shafts & Camshafts
  • Piston Rings
  • Oil Seals
  • Rocker arm Guides
  • Valves & Valve Needles
  • Water Pumps
  • Gears, Gear Shafts & Pinion Gears
  • Clutch Bearings & Clutch Release Rings
  • Piston Rods, Piston Valves, Guide Valves, Rotary Piston & Rotor Shafts

Wheel Profiling Machines

WDM Series - Optical Projector & Video Vision Versions

Offered in WDM 8, WDM 15 & WDM 25 Modeks.


  • Operator friendly
  • Easy accessibility for operation
  • Easy to reach operator pendant
  • Regid Design
  • Linear bearing for slide movement
  • Stress relieved castings
  • Precision work and wheel spindle
  • Customized work spindle front nose

Optimal Features

  • Variable speed for work and wheel spindle
  • Motorized arrangement for work head axis
  • Linear scale with digital Read Out for work head axis
  • Position measurement for two work head axes, one wheel head axis and swivel axis


Dressing and Profiling of Straight and Convex Diamond or CBN Grinding Wheels Mounted on a wheel pack.

CNC Rotary Surface Grinders

WRS Series - Horizontal and Vertical Versions

Offered in WRS 300H, WRS 300V, WRS 600H & WRS 600V Models.


  • Offered in 2-axis and 3 axis configuration
  • Rotary table diameter in sizes 630mm and 1200mm
  • Retraction of wheel head in case of power supply failure and alarms
  • Choice of CNC controls.... Siemens 802 DSL, Siemens 810DE, Siemens 840DE
  • Specific custom - built accessories and toolings


  • Precisions grinding of Auto Components like connection Rod, Rocker Arms, etc.
  • Engineering Components like Die & Moulds, Compressor Valve Plates, Pumps, etc.
  • Ceramic and Refractory parts