Duracarb offers a wide range of innovative milling tools for all application types in the metal working industry.

Duracarb highly engineered products are designed to increase productivity and profitability in all milling operations. Duracarb milling solutions are suitable for machining many workpiece materials ranging from soft steel to hard super alloys. Duracarb milling inserts are available in different geometries and grades, and assure optimal milling operations. The cutters and inserts provide high productivity milling assuring cost effective solutions.

As a full-line supplier of metalworking tools, Duracarb naturally provides the full ISO range of quality tools. All standard geometries are supplied. Duracarb offers a variety of unique chipformer and grade combinations for ISO standard turning inserts that provide solutions for most of modern industry's machining needs.

The 'hole' solution for a vast array of innovative hole making tooling solutions featuring drilling, reaming and tapping. Duracarb offers a complete package of hole making solutions for various machining challenges while taking the customer's requirements into consideration, in terms of cutting parameters and many different production floor factors. The company’s policy is to put special emphasis on a high level of technical support for each project and to accompany it from start to end.

The Groove-Turn tools are multifunction turning tools, able to operate in a sequence of grooving and turning modes. Moving from turning to grooving requires consideration of the basic GRIP principle, thereby eliminating the possibility of insert breakage. In this situation one must release the side deflection which is necessary in turning, but not recommended in grooving.